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2018 Update:


I started this blog when I was traveling, limped along with few entries when I wasn’t, and finally got into a weekly habit with blogs primarily about writing. I’ve been writing all my life – the A+ kid from grade school on – and tried to get published a few times when I was younger, but since 2005 I’ve been approaching it professionally.

That doesn’t mean I’ve gotten everything right. That won’t ever happen – there’s always more to learn. It does mean that I take it seriously and make sure everything I put out there is polished. It also means I’m juggling multiple projects at all times.

The goals I have for this blog are altruistic and selfish: I want to help other writers be more successful, but I’m also hoping many of those who follow the blog also end up being fans of my books.

This year, I’m publishing a new novel, the mother’s story from Running Away. Nearly a thousand copies of Running Away are out there. I’m hoping to have a great launch for Peg’s Story: In Search of Self. If you’d be interested in helping that happen, shoot me an email at smcguinn@sherimcguinn.com and I’ll get back to you.

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