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Impressionism: Inspiration & Evolution

I posted a new blog every Thursday for over a year… until the computer fried. Three weeks down, then I’ve continued to have issues with the internet connection being unstable and some personal issues that slowed me down, too.

I thought I’d go crazy finishing the work on Suzanne Blaney’s book, Impressionism: Inspiration and Evolution. I did editing and interior design and coached Suzanne through the self-publication process. Fortunately, the paperback version had gone live through KDP before the death of my computer, but I still had to format files to suit Ingram hardcover and EPub as well as the Kindle version. I finally got those done and started wondering if I really wanted to keep doing this kind of work, but wrote up a contract to start a new project.

Yesterday I received my copy of the hardback and IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Oh yeah, I want to keep helping people create their books. Good thing – the new author signed that contract.


Cover Design by Sheri McGuinn

After Claude Monet’s The Houses of Parliament, Sunset
Original image courtesy of National Gallery of Art, Chester Dale Collection
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